Start Anew

I’ve been blogging ever since I was in my second or third year of high school. Then I stopped when I got to university. The main reason why I started blogging in the first place was that I like to put my thoughts into words. I like to write down my emotions, makes me feel better, makes facing reality easier. There have been ups and downs since I got into law school, a lot has happened, things have changed. Still, you have to move forward instead of walking backwards. I figured I can start by getting back on the track and writing down my memories here, in this new blog.

My current stage in life is, I’ve came back from the UK, graduated with a Law degree. And, next Friday, classes for the Certificate in Legal Practice(CLP) course will start and I dread it. At least, the prospect of being in the same school as my best friends makes it less depressing. I got a new pet rabbit and I named him Thumper. He’s an addition to my animal family of 2 dogs, Brownie and Lady. Aside from that, I’m trying to recover from a severe case of tan lines on my limbs, a parting gift I received whilst I was backpacking through 5 countries in Europe during the summer. I’m also trying to lose the weight I’ve gained during my stay in the UK though the picture of myself having a flat tummy seems bleak, let’s not even mention thigh gaps.

There aren’t many interesting things going on now. One thing’s for sure, when CLP classes start, at least I can stop rotting in my room and have a purpose in life *chuckles*. For now, good night, world.


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