Hiking Adventure at Mount Tabur

Few days ago, on a Sunday morning, I went on a hiking trip with 5 of my classmates. We’ve been discussing about it since last Thursday. Destination point? Bukit Tabur West. It’s part of the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge and it’s located 20km away from Kuala Lumpur which is the capital of Malaysia. Prior to this, I had never heard of this place cos trust me to be a hermit living under a rock. So, I googled to find out more information about this hike. The agenda was to start hiking at 6am in order to catch the sunrise then be done with it latest before 12 noon. Apparently, there have been a few fatal mishaps and later on, I came to discover exactly how dangerous this hill or to me, this mountain, was.


Sunrise on a Sunday.


The view was really something else here. 

I’ve hiked before, once. That was during my Europe backpacking trip where I hiked up Ancient Thira/Thera in Santorini, Greece. Now, comparing that hike with this, I’d say Thera was way way easier compared to Bukit Tabur. It is also during this hike, I realized my fear of heights was worse than I thought. Still, it wasn’t too bad to the point I’ll faint or have difficulty breathing. In most cases, it’d just be my legs trembling. The hike up through the jungle was manageable. The scariest part was when we were up on the peaks and there were 5 of them, where you need to climb/hop/walk across rocky trails and one wrong step could be the end of you. Despite these hazards, I was very surprised to see a lot of enthusiastic hikers and there was even one couple who came up with their, I’m assuming, 2 or 3 year old kid.



Joey climbing up the rocks. She’s such a good sport!

I already knew my stamina wasn’t very good so I had to take longer breaks in between as compared to the rest of the group which really makes me regret not making that extra effort to exercise every once in awhile. Although there was an accident which occurred when we were close to exiting the jungle as we came down from the mountains, I still take pride in the fact that I made it. I’m not a hiking enthusiast but once in awhile I don’t mind getting to know more about mother nature. The view, the sunrise up on those peaks were truly magnificent. I’ve never seen this side of Malaysia before. I’m quite happy that there are still forests and jungles around and human beings have not completely destroyed mother nature in the name of civilization and urbanization.


Can you spot the twin towers and KL Tower?


Urbanization: what humans are good at doing and why mother nature is dying.


Rows of houses down at the foot of the mountain.

So, even after all that has happened during this hike, I would suggest to those who are quite physically fit to try out this hiking activity as it was exhilarating and fulfilling to me. Would I do it again? Maybe no, maybe yes. Still, I did it and I’m satisfied with this achievement. Truly, this was my yolo moment because if you had seen what the situation was like up on those peaks, you’d know this is one extreme sports, esp for average indoorsy potatoes like myself.


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