London Day Trip

Recently, I’ve been reading this blog written by one of my all-time favourite Youtuber, Sachie. In one of her posts, she wrote about her experiences studying abroad and it got me reminiscing about my own journey. Therefore, I’d like to write two blog posts, sharing about my days as an international student studying in the UK. This one, will be about that time when I was done with finals and my friends and I decided to take a day trip to London.

When I first set foot on English soil, it was at London Heathrow Airport. I could’ve toured around London before taking a bus to Bristol. Unfortunately, I have already missed orientation week as I booked a cheaper flight which also means leaving for UK on a later date. During the winter and Easter break, besides Cardiff and Portsmouth, I didn’t travel anywhere else. So, when early summer came, a day trip in London sounded perfect.

Now, because it is a day trip, we didn’t managed to make it to every tourist attraction. Even if we could’ve, the whole trip would’ve been a rush. Yes, I am aware there are bus tours but nah, we walked. After all, what’s life without slowing down and smell the roses?


The trip started off with the guard changing ceremony at Buckingham Palace.*Bobbing a curtsy to Her Majesty*


I don’t know about you but the hat on that officer looked adorable! 😀



As I watched the guards marching, my head was playing the counting song I heard as a child. Hoorah hoorah!


Walking through a park whilst making our way to 10 Downing Street. This lake reminded me of the park scene in Disney’s animated ‘101 Dalmatians’ where Roger and Pongo met Anita and Perdita.


Knight in shining armor on Black Beauty would be the appropriate caption for this picture 😛


At 10 Downing Street. Why good day to you, officer!


Trafalgar Square where a scene in BBC’s Sherlock was filmed starring the quirkiest couple, Holmes and Watson.



Beautiful Regent Street.

London was certainly livelier and busier compared to Bristol and of course, it’s a bigger city as well. I do regret not visiting the Tower Bridge since I have been singing ‘London Bridge is falling down’ in kindergarten albeit it was a different bridge. Oh well, the next trip to London would have to wait.


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