Living in Bristol

So, during my final year in law school, I went abroad to study and looking back now, though there were bittersweet memories, it was one of the best moments of my life. The excitement, the freedom, the cultural differences; I’ve learnt so much during my time in UK. Originally, I placed Liverpool as my first choice in my UCAS application. In the end, I didn’t meet the requirement and I went for plan B which was Bristol. I had a friend who was staying there for about 2 years already and from what I’ve heard, the accent in Bristol is not as thick as it is in Liverpool. Besides, it was closer to London and Cardiff, both places which I planned to visit some time during my stay. Frankly, I was somewhat glad that I ended up in Bristol because I felt that it was easier to get used to a new city when you have a friend there.

This is where I’ll be sharing photos which I’ve taken to commemorate those memorable moments.

As I was looking for a cheaper place to stay, I opted to stay outside of the city centre. Moreover, majority of the tenancy contracts I’ve found were renting for a year. This means that after finals in early May, I’d have to pay for another 3-4 months’ rent before the graduation ceremony in July. It was unnecessary as I would’ve gone travelling or back to Malaysia. Hence, the accommodation team from my university provided a temporary place for us applicants in St Matthias campus, Fishponds.


I think these buildings were ancient. My friend found vintage pictures of students/teachers hanging around outside these buildings.


Got some Hogwarts vibes going on around here… Magic is in the air!


In my country, you don’t get to see such a gigantic tree easily unless you’re deep in the jungle.


First fire drill and a few more to come. This happened in the middle of the night and we had to wait in the cold, freezing our arses off.

There were two buildings there which used to be dorms for teachers in training but now it’s been converted as a temporary dorm for university students. Our stay at this dorm would be till end of December before they demolish the place since they had sold off the land. And from thereon, we’ll be moved to a new accommodation in the campus. The move was tiring but interesting. I was surprised as to how quick and efficient the movers were, considering majority of the services in my country are slow af. One of the cultural differences I find very amusing was how most Asians find snow fascinating whereas the Brits would bask in the sun on sunny days. And yes, I now know why the weather is such a major business in an English conversation. The sun is rarely out and the English weather is cold and wet. It was very different from Malaysian weather where it’s either the scorching heat or heavy downpour.

The start of my cooking adventure… The internet college memes were true. As a student living abroad, the majority of my time spent was in the kitchen, cooking up a mess (sometimes).

I’ve mentioned before when I was in London, it felt so different from Bristol as it was livelier and busier. Still, I do love Bristol for its casual and easygoing vibes.

When winter came, I got to experience the German Christmas market.

During my visit at a friend’s place in Portsmouth for a Christmas gathering, I learnt the art of alcohol and it was beautiful.

2014-12-23 18.52.21

Girls just wanna have fun.

Taking walks when the weather was great was one of the things I miss. When I was there, I wish Lady and Brownie could’ve been there with me cos I know they’d love to run on these pastures. Again, something you don’t see often in my country.


Despite my short stay, I will always remember this lovely city as my second home and I plan to return for a visit in the future.


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