Two-day Escapade

Last Thursday, I stayed over at my sister from another mother, Caely’s place. We haven’t had a sleepover for awhile now and I’m always up for midnight adventures like movies and suppers. We watched ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ though it was average. The action sequence was good and all but the pacing was bad. Besides, there were too many characters where you don’t really care whether they make it out alive or not. After the movie, we had McDonald’s (The mata kucing sundae is a must try!).

On Friday, we went for some retail therapy in the city center. We were caught in a terrible traffic on the way and Caely’s car nearly overheated due to the scorching weather and the heat emitting from surrounding cars. Fortunately, we managed to make it to a parking lot so that we could let the engine cool off while we shopped around. At first, we thought our day out was ruined but somehow, we got through it. We even got to film in front of Hotel Istana for Caely’s upcoming lookbook video. The sunlight was very forgiving during recording, thank goodness!


Luncheon at Greyhound Cafe, Kuala Lumpur.


Hair up cos it’s bloody hot!


The second night, we sneaked out for some A&W goodness around 2am as Caely mentioned there’s one which opens 24 hours. I haven’t had them in years (for reals since A&W’s business isn’t doing good in Malaysia and it’s very hard to locate their stores)! When it comes to A&W, I have memorable childhood moments with my family, particularly my dad since he was always the one who brought us there to have some good ol’ onion rings and the oh-god-yes root beer float.

Initially, I was gonna stay for just one night but Caely’s mom got us free Sunway Lagoon theme park tickets. On Saturday morning, we woke up early and headed for Subang Jaya. The time we spent in the theme park was nothing but awesome! We started with the petting zoo followed by the haunted house and kayaking. We also crossed this simple suspension bridge/hanging bridge. It was very scary cos both of us are afraid of heights. Still, it was exhilarating! I also found out during kayaking which I’ve never done it before, I’m only good at reversing and am a absolute neeeewb when it comes to maneuvering the boat forward. I ended up splashing more water than rowing the boat 😛


In my hobo look cos I don’t care 😛 It was so sunny that my asian eyes went missing 😛


Wobbly bridge, holding the ropes for dear life!

We saved the water theme park for last since we’re bound to get soaked there. We rode on this water slide where at one point, I honestly thought we were gonna fly right off the edge into our demise. There was also this scary-ass tunnel water ride where you’re basically water sliding in darkness and there’s that paranoia that you’re gonna hit a brick wall or something. The ultimate fun at the water theme park would have to be the one in the newly built Nickelodeon theme park. There’s this what I’d like to call the ‘Temple of Spongebob Squarepants Water Playground’. There, you get to pour these buckets of water onto unknowing passersby beneath you. There’s also this ginormous bucket situated on top of the temple that would make it pouring rain when it’s filled up. Most importantly, the water here was cooling as the whole area was shaded away from the sun.


Row row row your boat, gently off a cliff…

The only thing that was bugging us the whole day was the weather. Seriously, what is up with Malaysian weather? Did the rain god went missing or something? Is Apollo and Ra high on crack (cos they be up everyday *geddit?*)? We had to take refuge at the first aid room as Caely had migraine but all was well. Jokes aside, this torrid weather has to stop! I can’t stand the heat 😦


Peacock : ‘What chu lookin’ at, human?’

In the end, our two-day escapade was pretty amazing since I’ve been cooped up at home for too long. I look forward to the Malacca trip with my girlies next month!


4 thoughts on “Two-day Escapade

  1. This was so good to read!!!!! 😍 now we have this post to go back to 😉 Honestly was so fun, and tragedy did strike again in terms of the migraine but we overcame it… Again! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading, dearie ❤ Yup, it was a memorable adventure 😀 It was the awful heat, luckily Panadol worked its magic and we got to have fun at the Spongebob water playground hehehe 😛


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