(Stepping up my blog game by posting two days in a row) 😗

After reading Caely’s blog post this afternoon, I thought I’d share my current playlist with you guys. Awhile back, I was into House and EDM music (They’re also perfect for HIIT sessions at the gym). Suicide Squad soundtrack was pretty good too. However, the music got stale not to mention, started to gave me headaches. So, I was itching for a different tune; genre, something that’s fresh to my ears.

After some music hunting on Youtube, I found myself getting addicted to indie and electronic pop. These are the songs that I’d love to hear when I’m either sitting by the window in a cafe, people watching or when I’m on a road trip as I look out of the bus, taking in the world (The travel bug bite is real!).

Here’s a list of my constant playbacks:

  1. Forgiveness by Made in Heights
  2. No Place Like Home (ft.JONES) and Coastal Love by HONNE
  3. Without You by Oh Wonder
  4. We Go Back by CHINAH
  5. Alaska by Maggie Rogers
  6. Porcelain by Skott
  7. The Other by Lauv
  8. Half the World Away by AURORA
  9. America by XYLØ
  10. Conscious the album by BROODS
  11. If I Get High by Nothing but Thieves
  12. Here I Am by Tom Odell

MrSuicideSheep has been my go-to channel for months now if I ever want to listen to something new, as evident by some of the abovementioned songs 😛

On a side note, I do not look forward to tomorrow. Curse them Monday blues, ugh! 😢


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