Memory Lane 2016

It’s amusing how we tend to place great emphasis on “New Years” as each year approaches its end. That being said, I suppose I’m no different from the rest of the world. I take it as a way of reminding myself that another year has gone by and ask myself whether I’ve done or achieved anything at this point of my journey.

It’s cliché but still, this year has not been an easy one. In fact, the past few years have not been smooth sailing. Much has happened and unfortunately, the bad outweigh the good. I’m not moping or brooding, it’s more of a self-reflection, really.

Right then, I’ll sum up what I’ve done over the year:

1.Gave away my first pet rabbit due to allergies (January)

Thumper was his name (named after Thumper from Disney’s Bambi) and he was the first pet I’ve successfully potty-trained. He was such a precious dear so it made giving him away a very difficult decision. The fact was, I learned that I was allergic to either his fur or hay which made me fall sick for more than a week. The doctor said I had to let him go unless I can live without ever being able to breathe fresh air through my nose again. Fortunately, I found him a forever home and the new owners even got him a companion.

2. Hiked a mountain (April)

I’ve written a post about it so do check it out. It was truly an exhilarating experience as I found out I’m actually quite afraid of heights. Also, my balance is pretty bad.

3. Incorporated exercising into my life style (May-present)

During my stay in UK, I got to my heaviest which was 63/64 kg and it shocked me as I’ve never tip over 60 kg in my life. After I went back down to 58 kg without much effort as back home in Malaysia, things like ice-cream, chocolate or frozen food weren’t cheap anymore, I was determined to get healthy. I’ve always been a couch potato and I hardly exercise after I left high school. My stamina was weak and I get light-headed or dizzy easily (the fact that I have low-blood pressure doesn’t help either). At the moment, I’m maintaining 55 kg with regular trips to the gym and less supper or mid-day snacks. I think I’ll write about my fitness journey later on so stay tune!

4. Deferred my post-grad papers (June-July)

This was probably the biggest decision I’ve made throughout my entire academic life. I’ve never done such a thing but at that time, I think I was burned out with everything that’s been going on at home that I gave myself a break. Looking back, I should’ve insisted on taking on a gap year.

5. Revisited Ipoh after many years (August)

The last time I was in Ipoh was when I was a little girl. I didn’t remember much of the trip except that we went to a mall and I got a balloon. Ipoh was amazing and I was there thanks to Caely’s invitation. I’ll always remember that midnight where we were at the balcony of our condo, overlooking the city lights and contemplate life while occasionally looking down at our phones to check for any nearby PokeStops (excuse me for being anticlimactic hahaha!).

6. Fostered a puppy and found her a forever home (mid-August)

We got her from Caely’s neighbour and we named her Buttershy due to her light brown fur and her shy nature. We fostered her for about two to three weeks before bringing her over to her forever loving home where her new owners, this lovely elder couple who’ve had dogs for over 20 years gave her a new name, Maya. She’s now happily settling in with her new family and I’m planning to drop her a visit soon.

7. Tried dating (July-November)

I’ve never been close to guys even if it’s a classmate or acquaintance so when I got asked to grab a cup of coffee or movie dates, it was something out of my comfort zone. I was new to this whole ‘dating scene’. There were happy moments and of course, judging from my previous post, there were definitely heartbreaks. Still, at some point, you gotta move on, right?

8. Interned in a law firm for almost 3 months (September-November)

This is the longest period of my life where I got to experience the working life which was basically, a 9-5 ordeal and having little time for any hobbies or recreational activities except the occasional happy hours after work. Weekends became a luxury and you’d wish for a day between Saturday and Sunday! I also got to see what ‘office politics’ or ‘office gossips’ were like. Let’s just say if you find yourself a boss with a heart of gold, just stick with him for the rest of your life cos they’re almost imaginary.

9. Got my first ever helix piercing (December)

I’ve been wanting a helix piercing ever since high school and finally, I got one right before this year comes to an end! It’s looking so far so good with the healing. I’m planning to get more ear piercings soon, most likely a second pair of lobe piercings.

10. Made through a few friendship hurdles (throughout the year)

A memorable one would be my best friends sticking by me even when I was at my lowest. They were willing to bear with my stubbornness and recklessness. For that, I’ll never forget. It may sound like I’m a bad friend but I swear I’m not. It’s just when it comes to a situation where the heart wants what it wants, you tend to do stupid things. After all was said and done, I didn’t mind the I-told-you-sos from them. I was grateful that they were still around to tell me so.

Well, that’s the last post from me for 2016. I’ve seen a lot; learned a lot. Not sure how 2017 is gonna be but hopefully it’s another year of growth and adventure. Cheers to all, see you next year!

(P.S I didn’t expect this to be such a long post. If you’re still reading this, thank you for sticking around till the end!)




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