Year of the Rooster

2017 started off special as it is the Year of the Rooster which was the year I was born in. Besides that, my birthday based on the Gregorian calendar fell on the 4th day of Chinese New Year and today is also my birthday according to the traditional Chinese Calendar which is 正月初九日 (9th day of CNY).

Before I went back to my hometown for the CNY holidays, Caely treated me to dinner at PLOY in Publika Mall. I’m never one to go and venture on food adventures so naturally, how I end up on foodie cafes or restaurants are either thanks to Caely or Google. I liked the interior design of the place a lot, however, I didn’t manage to take any pictures of the restaurant’s layout butttt I’m pretty sure you can google them online. The atmosphere was stylish and sophisticated and the ambiance was quite welcoming considering the chattering among its seated customers (with the exception of one combined table that was a bit too loud during our visit).


What I had which wasn’t half bad but midway, the creamy flavour of the Japanese curry was getting too overwhelming. I think I prefer curry with more spices than cream.


What Caely had. I’ve had squid ink spaghetti before but this is the first time I’ve seen squid ink rice.


These babies were beyond heavenly, they were so rich in flavour! You could actually taste the Thai tea which got us wondering how they managed to cook up this amazing dish.

Now since Wednesdays are ladies’ night, we had free flow of drinks but, that was where everything went south after that. Maybe it was the mixing of alcohol or could be the red wine itself, but I ended up throwing up after we left the restaurant. Thank goodness it wasn’t a severe case of alcohol poisoning cos I had a cocktail and a glass of red wine only. Still, my body went numb as I was sweating profusely (I know, sounds gross) and I had to sit down because my vision blacked out and nausea would occur every time I stood up. I felt so bad for ruining what could’ve been an awesome night between two bestie now that I recalled. It was still a great night spent, I survived and all but I wish it could’ve ended on a pleasant note. Anyways, it’s safe to say I won’t be going anywhere near alcohol anytime soon.

Back at my hometown where a great part of my childhood was spent cycling my grandmother’s bicycle around the village; chasing chickens and getting chased by crazy dogs who think they own the streets; playing with sand and burning leaves, papers in an attempt to mimic how the adults cook in the kitchen, it was a feast in the spirit of CNY. The activities during my stay was nothing but eating, talking and sweating under the torrid weather. I must’ve gained a few pounds as I stuffed myself with all that is good and yummy. Oh and we can’t forget about front row seats of the fireworks display! Ah, it’s always fun when you see rich people set their riches on fire in the form of fireworks.


These, oh lord, these traditional love letters biscuits (Kuih kapit / 传统鸡蛋卷), they are my one true love amongst the other CNY snacks. I can literally, finish a whole container of ’em!

The younger twin of my favourite cousin, Steven came back this year as unfortunately, said cousin is currently in a work and travel program for 4 months all the way in San Francisco, a city I came to know much about from watching WahlieTV’s vlogs. Anyhow, Steven is still good company compared to my other cousins as we click better. We nattered away about our life updates, family gossips and just, having a great time.

Truthfully, I feel that CNY celebration gets less and less festive for me as I grow older. Those happy times were in my younger days when I would always anticipate every CNY where I’d stay for at least a week in my hometown, enjoying my time with my cousins and far away from civilization. That isn’t the case anymore these years as I’d dread going back and I’d be eager to go back to the city every time I’m in my hometown. It’s mostly due to personal reasons but the ‘kampung’ girl in me still appreciates the fact that I can still visit my grandparents’ place where I get to play with little bunnies and chicks. Animals are such fun to play with, not to mention adorable!


Wishing all a prosperous CNY 2017!


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