Spring is Coming

It’s another half an hour till midnight; till Chinese New Year officially comes to an end. Right now, my neighbours are lit as fuck with their open houses and fireworks displays. The sounds of firecrackers going off as I’m about to turn in remind me so much of my childhood nights spent in my hometown. Ah, the nostalgia!

As this festive celebration is ending, it also means back to work; back to classes; back to the mundane routines. There goes the ‘holiday mood’…


I’ve been gaining weight, steadily (sounds as if I’m pregnant with a healthy baby lol! I swear I’ve been watching too much of Bubzbeauty’s pregnant vlogs!). It doesn’t bother me much since, while I do gain weight quite easily, I can shed ’em off quick with regular exercises and getting more strict with my diet. Nothing extreme there. But, it is something I’m keeping an eye out on since some of my clothes are getting tight. I think it’s my wardrobe’s way of telling me, ‘Girl, hold up on that chocolates and ice-creams!’.


Another update would be my flu. I got it from my brother (thanks a lot, Elisha…). It was manageable at first but the night before, I had a slight fever. I thought I needed to see the doctor’s this morning till I popped some pills Eugene gave me and I’m doing much better now. Still, if this drags on for a week, I’ll need to get it checked at the doctor’s just to be safe. I pray that will never come to pass.

Speaking of praying, I’m going to church tomorrow with Michelle. It’s a branch from the one she goes to near her house. She decided to drop this one a visit which is near my house but further away from hers because a pastor she knows works here. Now, I’ve stopped going to church for years. I did go to a few last year but I didn’t stick to it so I’m a little nervous about tomorrow. At least, Michelle’s company will do me some good. Oh, and it’s a 9am service so it’d be best if I hit the hay soon. Don’t want to be dozing off during the sermons now, eheheh…


元宵节快乐 (Happy last day of CNY)! And sweet dreams to all as we welcome the arrival of spring and hay fever and allergies and what difference does it make, it’s not like Malaysia has four sea-. Night, y’all!


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