It’s Time

Well, #MotivationMonday is tomorrow and with Chinese New Year holidays gone, it’s about time to get my shit straight. I’ve got loads on my to-do list and there’s no time to be worrying about my uncertain future. Especially after I got the bad news today.

Time to get myself back into shape. I’ve given myself a month to let go and eat whatever the fuck I want. It’s nice to do that but it ain’t healthy, that’s for sure. If anything, life without regular exercises makes me lethargic and lazy. It screws up my bio-clock as well because no matter how many hours I slept, I’m still tired. I don’t like feeling unproductive and sluggish all the time.

Moreover, it’s another 5 months till my CLP papers and I’d better get into the studying; revising and memorising. I need to make sure I can get past this last hurdle of my academic journey before I officially enter the rat race. This isn’t going to be easy as I’m the laziest person I know so that will have to change. I look forward to future study dates with Caely as she also has to prep for exams in May.


Oh, and let me write a little about my church service experience today.

What I liked about the service was definitely the praise and worship sessions. I liked the ambiance which reminded me so much of the church my parents used to go back in my hometown where there’s this sort of down-to-earth-and-homey-kinda-feels. Besides, the people there were friendly and accommodating.

What I didn’t liked was the sermon, particularly the preacher. Maybe it’s his age, I mean he is an old man. Throughout the sermon, the preacher kept paraphrasing and going in circles with his message. I get what he’s trying to convey but he needs to explain clearly and elaborate further and with relevance.


My face when I’m trying to make sense of what the Pastor just said…

I’m not sure if I can make it to church every week since I do have classes on Sundays but I shall have to work my way around it and I was told they have Youth services which takes place on Saturday nights. Good thing is, I won’t be alone as Michelle might be going to this church regularly from now on.


Every morning.

(PS. Still can’t get used to waking early, even with the help of caffeine.)


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