Man, it’s been ages since I’ve had a productive day and right now, I’m absolutely exhausted. Regardless, the night owl in me isn’t about to give in for the day till the clock strikes 1 or so. I’ve forced myself to see through the general plan I had for today which started with attending church followed by a 3 hour long lecture at the university and to exercise for approximately 30 minutes after dinner. Lastly, to end the night: read at least 2 chapters of the book I’m currently onto and enter a blog post here before I get some shut-eye. It does sound like chores that needed to be crossed off a list but I figured it’s one of the ways that can actually get me to get off my lazy ass and do something. So far so good, eh?

As much as I love to be a regular visitor of the current church I’m going to, I’m afraid I can no longer stand the –in my opinion– sermons which were poorly preached. I do love the environment and interior of the place, it makes me feel as though I’m actually in a church. I love the praise and worship too, the songs and hymns they sang. One thing I could no longer bear with would be the sermon. It was the same ‘speech pattern’ as last week with the paraphrasing. I don’t understand why the Reverend can’t go in depth and discuss a little more on his sermons. Whatever he talked about was ‘on-the-surface’ not to mention they don’t make sense, not to me at least.

Last week, he talked about why God created human beings in his own image blah blah blah, you get the idea since it’s the book of Genesis we’re talking about here. A book that was repeated countless times during my entire Christhood. Now, he said we’re unique because God gave us the ability to name all other living creatures; the ability of rational and critical thinking. He said this sort of reasoning does not exists in animals. A monkey won’t know it’s called a monkey. I thought to myself, ‘Alright, fair enough.’. And he carried on but basically, what he meant was animals aren’t smart creatures which to me was a ridiculous notion because, has he watched those animal videos on the internet? I don’t know about you but some animals are definitely smarter cookies than the plain idiocy I see in our kind these days.


Care to explain why my dogs would bark when they hear the sound of plates at a certain time because they know it’s meal time?

Today’s Sunday menu was about marriage (Yeap, we’re still in Genesis) and how God made Eve out of Adam’s rib. He preached that according to the bible, it is not good for a man to live in loneliness thus enters a woman as his companion. Then, good lord, he opened a can of worms with the whole gay marriage matter. As usual, he did not extensively explain or justify why gay marriage is a sin. He just said along the lines of ‘because the bible said so‘. Frankly, he could’ve just added a ‘duh’ to end the sentence with.

I don’t know what God thinks about gay marriage and I doubt anybody can read God’s mind. But, things like gender identity and nature vs nurture cannot be taken as lightly as how this Reverend phrased it this morning. You can’t just reasoned, ‘Oh, if gay marriage was allowed then why did God created an Eve instead of an Edward? Or instead of an Adam, God could’ve created an Anna to go with Eve.’. It’s not as straightforward as that. When the Reverend gave such a silly explanation, I just couldn’t comprehend.


I’m sorry, what?

Maybe this sort of one-dimensional sermons could work better on the senior citizens as apparently, majority of the audience come from the older generation. I don’t wish to follow a religion mindlessly nor do I want to blindly believe in a faith that I have hope for. Despite my ‘criticisms’ (if that’s how they sounded although I’m not sure whether it’s okay for me to assess a Reverend preaching the gospel because obviously I’m not the one with a Bible College degree and doctorate.), it does not mean I refuse to believe God forbid modern practices such as gay marriage and whatnot. To me, there’s the question of ‘what about love?’ -not casual but something profound and eternal, regardless of gender-. There’s so many unanswered questions on this topic let alone bringing in subject matters about gender equality and evolution. Do you see how far this rabbit hole extends to?

Point is, I don’t think I can stand another session of ‘just listen and nod’ kind of Sunday routine. This would’ve been fine if I was a child but I’m getting older and the more I do, the more complicated religion seemed to me. Which is exactly why I would agree more on the phrase, ‘Belief is essential’ rather than ‘Religion is essential’. Anyhow, next week I might be going to a different church instead but I’ll need to work around my schedule since it collides with my Sunday afternoon classes (I swear my university just doesn’t want students to have a social life, ugh!).


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