An Update 1 : uni library, tour guide, movies, MCR, dinner etc.

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve written anything here so today’s post is gonna be a short update on what’s been going on in my mundane, humdrum existence.

I took a break from travelling all the way to the university library (It’s almost an hour drive with normal traffic) today so that I could sit back and relax. Most importantly, of course, would be to take the opportunity to do the things I haven’t got time to do like blogging (as I’m doing now), my laundry, read a book (anything but law books or my study materials), prepare a special meal for my dogs (I’m sure they’re sick of eating the same dog biscuits everyday not to mention they’ve discovered human food is so much tastier, in moderation that is) etc.

At the rate I’m going, if I travel to university’s library on most days of the week, I’ll be broke before the end of the month cos camping there costs. The parking is 10 bucks, 12 bucks if you’re unlucky and that’s just the weekday rate, the weekends are obviously more expensive; petrol -mind you, my car doesn’t have an ‘eco-mode’ like Toyotas or Hondas-; food there is pricier (It’s the city center’s standard, predictable); and um, I snack a lot cos there’s a mini cafeteria at the lobby. I’m seriously getting tired of being a broke-ass student… 😭

Another thing happened. This, I’ll admit was something out of the blue. I was having lunch with Caely (Finally I got to try the famous Clam Noodle Soup -we locals called it ‘Lala Meehoon’- and it was heavenly!) near a tourist spot around the university and this couple of travelers came and sat at our table. The restaurant was full so everybody had to share a table. The conversation started with them asking for any recommendations on food and pubs or bars which somehow led to them inviting us on a spontaneous trip to the Heli Lounge Bar where you get a 360-degree view of Kuala Lumpur. We even drove them around the city and brought them to have Bak Kut Teh (famous local cuisine –a must try-)! Basically, we were like some random tour guides. It was an interesting encounter and experience but I don’t think I’ll do that again. I ain’t running no charity over here *waves finger* 🙄

Candee got a new puppy and it’s an adorable Pomeranian. Initially, I thought it’s going to be her and her boyfriend’s furkid. You know, like taking the relationship to a new level, stuff like that but, as it turns out, it was for her mum. I forgot to ask whether it’s a boy or a girl, hmm… 🤔

Oh right, and I’ve re-discovered My Chemical Romance. I might dedicate a whole post about it but we’ll see. So yeah, I’ve been listening to their songs on replay for weeks now, moving from album to album. My current replay is ‘The Ghost of You’ from Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and ‘Brother’ from Hesitant Alien. Previously aside from the mainstream hits, it was ‘The Sharpest Lives’ and ‘This is How I Disappear’ from The Black Parade. Caely is wondering how long this infatuation is going to last 😂

Now, onto movies! I’ve watched ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ which, I’m not sure how to feel about it since I didn’t watch the first one but I guess it was alright? It’s just packed full of action and comical lines. Next on my watch-list is Logan (since everybody’s talking about it), Hacksaw Ridge and maybe ‘A Dog’s Purpose’. I’ve also played this game which Gary mentioned to Caely and her to me called ‘Papers, please’. It was addictive and I ended up finishing the game in about 4 hours or so *oops*

Final update would be last night’s dinner. After spending half of the day in the library, Caely decided to have dinner in Publika which is where Ellie is currently working at. We managed to get her to join us for a quick bite because she has deadlines to keep up with. The dinner was short and sweet. Ellie and Gary talked about the legal field with Gary offering some tips and advice to Ellie. Ellie also updated us on what’s been going on with her chambering experience. She just got her short call so we’re looking forward to her long call where we could attend. I told her I know where I can get some pretty flowers cos there’s this flower shop near the university that sells a variety of ’em.

Well, that’s about what happened in a span of one month. Back into the fray. With approaching revision classes in April and exams in August. How exciting… 😑


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