This piece is going to be a solemn one as I’ll be addressing this issue that has been prodding my mind every time I see it happening. I’ll try my best to be discreet and keep the swearing to a minimum because it gets me fuming just recalling what had occurred this afternoon.

I went to the university library today for a ‘study camp’ with Caely. I got to meet Megan whom I’ve often heard about. I’ll go into my impression of her in another post. I don’t want to mention anything pleasant here because when I get into the nonsense -Apologies but to hell with being discreet, these bastards don’t deserve it- fuckery that has descended upon us, my happy encounter with Megan will be tainted with all this negativity –excuse the dramatic choice of words-.

It took place at Chinatown (locally known as Petaling Street). Frankly, this tourist attraction is less glorified than whatever Google tells you these days. The place is just littered with trash, the stench is often in the air and you can see shady businesses going around. A lot of immigrants, mainly from Bangladesh are there. Lord knows whether they’re here with legal papers. Now let’s get something straight, I don’t mind if these people come to our country in search for a better prospect of living. But often times, they’re here to stir up trouble -as if there isn’t enough local criminals roaming in Malaysia already-.

Caely, Megan and I were heading towards the pan mee (a type of noodle dish) stall. We were making our way through this semi-crowded street with Megan beside me and Caely walking in front, leading us. All of sudden, I felt someone’s hand bumped into my wrist which I dismiss it as accidental jostling. The next thing I know, this short man moved in front of me and before we realised it, it was too late. Caely turned around in shock and fury as that creep had went and touched her bum. She exclaimed, “What the fuck, that man just touched me!”. In an ideal world, your homegirl would’ve immediately pounce on that motherfucker and send him to meet his maker. But it ain’t. Instead, I was like a deer in headlines, unable to react in time to grab that disgusting pervert or even utter a word. During that five seconds interval, I stood there in disbelief but Megan and Caely quickly pick themselves up and chased after that animal.

We followed him to this nearby restaurant where he was apparently going for the public restrooms. We waited for him to exit the toilet and confronted him in anger as he tried to avoid eye contact. Yeap, his face and demeanor definitely has ‘guilty as charged’ written all over. And what’s more, the little bugger had the audacity to feign innocence as we yelled at him with accusations. The whole commotion ended with him leaving the vicinity quickly as he could and a few onlookers turning their heads in curiosity.

When it comes to catcalls and unwanted attention, I’ve had a few encounters. Not only is it degrading -then again, these dickheads aren’t educated living beings so what do they know about human values- but it’s extremely rude and annoying to point you’d wish you can just gouge the motherfuckers’ eyes out and stuff ’em down their throat Mortal Kombat Fatality style, ya know? These perverts just love to ogle at women. You could be wrapped in a fucking potato sack from head to toe but as long as it floats their boat, they’ll stare at you. It’s like they’re violating you with their lecherous eyes. This is the time you’d wish you were Medusa herself.

However, that being said, I don’t think I’ve experienced molestation in public myself. But, I’ve definitely heard stories about it, be it from friends or acquaintances. And you know what gets to me? That helplessness you’d feel, the indignation and revulsion. After all, what can you do, really, to remedy the situation? Report to the police? Right. They can’t even keep these illegal immigrants at bay, what makes you think they can actually arrest the son of a bitch for this crime which unfortunately, in our country with third-world-mentality-inhabitants, is deemed as a petty crime. At most, the police will probably fill in a report, you know, just another file or paper thrown in the pile and there’s that. You’ll never get your justice.

Even though this happened to Caely and not me, I was still upset about it. I felt bad for being powerless to help. Personally, I’d wish these offenders get the ‘an eye for an eye’ treatment but let the punishment be doubled because of the trauma they’ve caused. The embarrassment, shame and sense of having your privacy violated could take a long time to recover. If you’re reading this and you think I’m exaggerating, then I’d suggest you read the next sentence and mull over it with careful consideration.

Imagine yourself going about your day when out of the blue, some pig just decided to grope or touch you?

Think about how you’d feel as you come to the realization –NEWSFLASH– you’d just been molested in public. Yeah, marinate on that shit. Still think I’m making a huge fuss about nothing? I don’t think so.


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