Something’s wrong with me. Well, okay not wrong but odd. Normally, when I get inspired to blog, that mental stimulation could last throughout the day. But lately, it’s not anymore. It’s fleeting and it comes and goes randomly which is frustrating because bottling up is usually a bad idea (when I don’t write to vent or express). I’ve got so much to talk about, epiphanies and rants but I can’t seem to find the right words to say. It doesn’t help that I’ve stopped reading ever since I started taking my revisions seriously. Everywhere I turn, there’s words.

I’m gonna talk about patience in this post because, I didn’t thought I’d have such little patience till recently. I’ve been cooped up at home for the past few months and my mum would always ask me to help her out on the computer. You know how it is with our parents and today’s technology. Anyways, every time I try to be patient with her, I keep getting irritated and my short temper does nothing to better the situation.

This whole experience has made two things clear to me. One, is my salute to people who work in the field of teaching or tutoring others. Two, -I know this is way too early to say because who can ever be sure of what the future holds- it’s highly unlikely I’ll have kids. I mean, to teach someone and be patient with them, especially if they’re slow learners, instead of losing your temper is tough! I’m just helping out with my mum on how to use Microsoft Word or how to use Facebook’s advertisement feature like its power editor or audience settings and I’m already having a hard time as I try my hardest to be gentle with her. I don’t know but I keep finding myself getting easily annoyed whenever my mum asks me to help her with this and that.

Before anyone jumps the gun and say I’m being ungrateful here, I wanna point out that I am aware that no matter what, I’m supposed to help her out with these -in our viewpoint- simple tasks. After all, she was the one that taught me everything I need to know on how to function as a normal human being, from how to use a spoon or cup to potty training lessons. So, here I am, in a constant struggle to not lose my patience with my mum.

Kinda makes me wonder how many millennials out there are also facing this sort of issue when it comes to teaching your parents how to use the computer or how to work an app on a phone. Bear in mind that, to us, it may be as simple as breathing but to our parent’s generation, it’s almost rocket science. In their shoes, when they finally got a particular aspect figured out like sending an email or whatnot, technology is already ahead of them by five steps –like the Enigma machine from Imitation Game or the maze from Maze Runner-. It’s difficult for them to learn as fast as we youngsters can. That said, looks like there’s a new daily reminder for me now: I have to be patient with my mum.

Aaaaaanyhow… back to law books and coffee. Sigh, kill me now.


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