How do you describe a person who’s slow to almost everything? Laggard; slow learner, is it? I’m not sure but that’s what Google search engine spitted out. I can be very oblivious sometimes and things don’t come to my attention unless someone points it out or my brain decides be aware. That being said, my recent discoveries would be the main inspiration for this piece because I thought why not compile all the little things I’ve took notice of in one post? So, let’s see what we have here…

First thing on this list is latte. I’m not exactly a coffee person as most of the time, I drink for survival -especially I’m the typa person that can sleep for more than 10 hours and still feel tired-. However, for the past few weeks, I’ve come to appreciate coffee. Before this, I always find coffee menus confusing and I’d never figure out which or what to order. One time, I went and order iced Americano and it was the worst drink I’ve ever had -I have a sweet tooth in case you’re wondering-. I swallowed it like medicine, blergh! Later on, I learnt from my friends that latte is more suitable for beginners like myself. Cappucino is fine too but I like my drinks cold -you can blame the hot Malaysian weather for that-. I guess I’m a high roller now and I can’t look at the 3 in 1 coffee packets I used to take the same way anymore, hahaha!

Up next is fashion. Korean fashion has taken the world by storm not to mention the K-pop industry. And what happens when people start wearing the same type of outfits? They become overrated. One thing I see a lot -so much so that netizens have labelled it as a basic bitch item- is denim a-line skirt. I used to want one as a basic piece in my wardrobe but not anymore. Another common sight these days is the ‘cami-over-shirt/dress trend‘. These are everywhere but I can see why since they’re easy to put together and there’s that effortless casual chic look. Lemme make this clear though, I’m not judging people who wear them, I’m just saying they’ve become less appealing to me over time, that’s all.

Tattoos and piercings. These babies, they’re definitely the sort of the things that makes you want one when you see them either on Pinterest or Instagram. It’s just something about them which makes it so alluring and aesthetically pleasing. Few weeks ago, I got my upper lobe piercings and I’m thinking of getting another pair soon. Maybe when I’m done with my exams but who knows since it’s usually a spontaneous decision. Tattoos are the ones I have second thoughts about mainly because I’m fickle-minded, hmm…

I don’t normally read the newsletter distributed by my neighbourhood community but I did just now and found out they’ve finally replaced the rubber mats on the children’s playground! Those moss-infested things seriously need to go and I’m glad they did. Guess who’s taking a walk around the neighbourhood later this evening!

Gym membership. I’ve no idea how important this card was till it expired. Tragedy, really. At-home workouts are nice but I find that they’re no longer my cuppa tea. I’m not motivated enough to do a full body workout in my own house where it’s meant to be comfortable and cozy. Without the weights, I can feel my muscles sagging and I can’t even lift something heavy without huffing and puffing.

Last thing on the list is solo trip. When I met Michelle for coffee the other day, she suggested to me on how I should contemplate doing a solo trip after I told her sometimes I feel that I need a change of scenery. She did one last year before the exams where she went backpacking in Thailand. I’ve done my fair share of backpacking with a friend but alone? It sounds daunting and yet, exhilarating. It’s definitely food for thought and maybe, a plan to look forward to when I get done with those pesky papers in August.


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