An Update 2 : revision, coffee, TV series, apps etc.

You know those moments where you get overwhelmed with stress that you just decide to take a break instead of soldier on? Yeah, this is one of those moments for me. I’m currently revising for the Civil Procedure paper since revision classes have commenced last weekend and the amount of materials I have to familiarize with is too much. I can feel the tension snowballing which makes me either run around like a headless chicken or be the dog -a meme- sipping on his cup of tea while surrounded by fire and say, “This is fine.”. On some days, I’m the former and other times, I’m the latter. Then, there’s the ‘what ifs’. I think what makes me worry is people’s expectations of me. People expect you to pass but then, you’re not so sure yourself. It’s… difficult.

From having 1 cup of coffee per day, it has now increased to 2 cups of coffee. It used to be a need for caffeine but now I’ve learned to enjoy my cuppa joe. Meeting up with friends is a rare occasion and I don’t have many friends to keep up with either. Essentially, I’ve built myself a cave and in this cave I’ll remain for the next 3 months. Social interactions have turned into foreign and unfamiliar activity to me. Oh, don’t get me wrong though. I’d still welcome others when they approach me in class or public places. It’s more of a retreat rather than actively seeking, if that describes it.

That being said, while I’m in my ‘hikikomori‘ state, I’ve been watching some TV series. At first, it was the lighthearted ‘Dr. Ken‘ which I find entertaining and in some scenes, humorous despite its low rating. Then, I was introduced to ‘Penny Dreadful‘ which was a profound and poetic show. Like majority of the fans, I too, felt that the show should’ve had another 2 more seasons, or at least 1, to tie each knot nicely instead of a rushed finale in Season 3. But, I understand that the team did the best they could in ending the series. It’s sad how underrated, quality shows like this get cancelled due to funding problems while trashy and repetitive reality shows get 10 seasons. ‘Penny Dreadful‘ undoubtedly reminded me of that time when I was marathoning ‘Downton Abbey‘ last year. Marvelous shows both were!

I’ve never talked about apps on this blog but oddly, they have become an interesting part of my recent daily life. Tide is the first one I’d like to talk about. It was recommended to me by Caely during her stay at my place last week. It does increase my productivity and it also has one cool feature where you can select different background noises. I go back and forth with forest and waves. Another app is Choices. It’s a game where your choices shape the outcome of a story. I recommend the Haunting of Braidwood Manor as its artwork and style is my most favourite. The latest app I’ve discovered is ‘シチュエーションカレシSituation Kareshi‘. It’s kinda like ASMR -I think- where you have these gorgeous characters whisper into your ears. It certainly speaks to the otaku and fujoshi in me *blushes*. The cast of seiyuu is promising too. I usually listen to it during my 5 minute break from Tide and before I sleep at night. It relaxes me and acts as both a breather and a guilty pleasure. I might do a review on this app later on because I’ve just started using it. So far, it’s helping me to cope with stress.

That’s the update for the past two weeks. There’s not much going on for now since I feel like I’m in a stagnant pond waiting for a stream to branch out into the ocean. Yeah, ‘Penny Dreadful‘ brings out the poet in every of its viewer. It’s true though. It’s just the matter of time for me before I can finally venture out into the world and see what it has for me. When I am done with studies, I’ll get a job, save up and travel. They say nothing ever goes as planned but at least, I can work with a general idea.


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